Footpath Route Planner
Release Notes

Footpath 4: Turn-by-turn voice navigation

Footpath’s newest 4.0 update allows users to follow their custom routes with turn-by-turn voice guidance on iPhone and Apple Watch.

Runners, walkers, and cyclists often demand complex workout routes that loop and turn back on themselves, and typical navigation apps designed for driving don’t support these types of custom routes. Additionally, the maps can be tremendous battery hogs, and automotive navigation apps are generally intended to be used while plugged in.

Footpath solves all of that, and it is designed from the ground up to handle the unique challenges of navigation for runners, cyclists, and pedestrians: custom routes, battery life, better audio cues, and offline support.

It’s the little things that add up for a great navigation experience. Footpath gives you a early heads up on the street or landmark where you’ll eventually turn next, so you don’t need to know how far 1000 feet is or feel anxious if you haven’t heard an instruction in a while. Footpath uses the compass and gyroscope in your device to keep track of your orientation, so even if you’ve turned around at an intersection or veered off route, Footpath will re-orient you in the right direction.

Not only is Footpath is the best app available for planning and navigating custom routes, Footpath is the first navigation app designed specifically for AirPods: just double-tap and Footpath will play your next cue.

Footpath makes it easy and fun to explore new places without the worry of getting lost.


Give Footpath 4 and turn-by-turn navigation a try!