Frequently asked questions

How do I create a route?

There are multiple ways to create your perfect route in Footpath:

  • Tap the draw button, and trace a map with your finger or Apple Pencil. Footpath will snap to roads and trails. Zoom in and map out your route in multiple segments for the best results.
  • Long-press on the map, or tap the draw button and then tap the map. You’ll be able to set a custom start point, or quick-route between points on the map.
  • Tap on the start or end point of the route to quickly loop back to the start.
  • Turn off snap-to-map if you’d like to create a route where there aren’t any connected roads on the map. Perfect for snow and water sports.

For more information, check out the Footpath User Guide

What can I do once I’ve created a route?

Once you save your route, you’ll be able to:

  • Share the route with friends: they’ll be able to open the route right in their own version of Footpath.
  • Share maps and overlay your route line on top of your photos.
  • Keep track of your progress along the route, even if you’re offline or in airplane mode.

With Footpath Elite, you’ll be able to:

  • Navigate along the route with turn-by-turn audio navigation.
  • Organize the route into custom lists.
  • View the route on 3D map.
  • Export the route to GPS watches and devices.

Does the app work offline?

Yes! The app is designed to work offline, allowing you to navigate your saved routes with turn-by-turn audio and even plan new routes if you’re out of cell service or in airplane mode.

Any maps you view will be temporarily cached in case you lose cell service, or you can upgrade to Footpath Elite to permanently download offline maps for any of your routes.

Some aspects of route planning, such as snap-to-roads, loading elevation profiles, and loading turn cues currently require an internet connection, but you can always disable snap-to-roads to plan a basic route while offline.

Where do you have map coverage?

Our Footpath maps have coverage for the entire world, where roads and trails have been mapped by OpenStreetMap.

See something missing? Learn how to fix mapping issues you might find in the app.

We also have premium topo map coverage for the following countries with an upgrade to Footpath Elite:

  • United States (USGS)
  • France (IGN)
  • Switzerland (SwissTopo)
  • Spain (IGN)
  • New Zealand (LINZ)
  • Norway, Sweden, Finland & Denmark
  • Japan

Learn more about all of the maps Footpath has to offer.

What’s included with Footpath Elite?

Footpath Elite offers premium features for adventurous athletes:

  • Turn-by-turn navigation on iPhone, Apple Watch, and Android
  • Unlimited saved routes + route editing
  • Premium topographic maps + 3D maps
  • Premium map overlays including bike lanes and avalanche slope angle shading
  • Offline map downloads
  • Organize routes into lists
  • Detailed workout analysis on your iPhone, iPad, and Android
  • Export to GPX, FIT, TCX files to other apps and devices
  • Export to Apple Health (iOS only)

Footpath is available as a monthly or yearly subscription.

We offer a 7 day free trial to all of the features in Footpath Elite, and you can cancel the free trial any time before it renews into a subscription.

What happens after my subscription or trial expires?

You will no longer be able to use turn-by-turn navigation, view premium topo maps, download offline maps, export your routes, or access any of the other Elite features.

Any offline maps that you have already downloaded will remain on your device until you remove them.

Any routes you saved during the subscription period will remain unlocked after your subscription expires. This does not apply for the free trial.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription or free trial any time before renewal, and Footpath Elite will continue to remain active until the end of your subscription period.

You can follow these steps to cancel your subscription.

Do you have an Android app?

Yes! You can download Footpath for Android from the Google Play Store.

How do I contact you with questions or suggestions?

We’re here to help at