Apple Health

Save your workouts to Apple Health

iOS only: You can save your GPS tracks directly to Apple Health or the Apple Fitness app.

After recording a GPS track on your iPhone, you’ll be prompted whether to save to Apple Health. When you record a GPS track on your Apple Watch, Footpath will automatically save the workout to Apple Health.

You can also manually log a track by adding a workout time and duration to a saved route, and you can save this information directly to Apple Health.

Removing and re-adding workouts to Apple Health

Sometimes, the route map may not appear in Apple Fitness or Apple Health due to occasional bugs in iOS.

You can generally work around this issue by re-adding your workout to Apple Health:

  1. Open the track in the Tracks tab in Footpath
  2. Select the “More” tab at the bottom
  3. Tap “Remove from Health” then tap “Save to Health”
  4. Verify that the map information displays in the Fitness or Health apps

How to check your Apple Health permissions

If the map information is still not appearing in Apple Health or Fitness, double check the Apple Health privacy permissions are correct for Footpath:

  1. Open the Health app
  2. Tap on your profile photo
  3. Tap on Privacy
  4. Tap on Footpath
  5. Verify that the raw map and workout data appears under Data
  6. If not, make sure the “Workout” and “Workout Routes” settings are enabled