Modifying a route

How to modify a route in the route editor

Editing the beginning or end of your route

  1. Tap the pencil button to enter “draw” mode.
  2. Tap the eraser tool to remove a section from the beginning or end of the route.
  3. You can use the regular drawing tool to trace a new beginning or end to your route.

Editing the middle of your route

Editing a section of a route in Footpath is different than editing a route on a typical route planner on a desktop. Instead of dragging control points with a mouse, you can simply use your finger to trace over an existing section of the route, making sure the beginning and end of your trace touches the existing route.

Footpath will detect that you are editing the route and will replace that section with your new trace:

Eraser tool

You can also use the eraser tool to remove a section in the middle of a route. Footpath will automatically reconnect the erased area in between.

Moving the start point on a loop

If you’ve created a loop, you can move the start point by tapping on a new point along the route and selecting “Set as Start”.

Other tips

How to create multiple laps

It can be challenging to create a route with multiple laps, since tracing over an existing section of the route will edit that section of the route.

If you need to create a route with multiple laps, it’s best to long press along your route to have Footpath route back over that section.

Smoothing up imported GPS tracks

If you’ve imported a GPX route from elsewhere, you can clean up the route and snap it to the map using the eraser tool.

Just tap the “draw” button and select the eraser tool, then erase over any messy parts of the route in short sections. Footpath will clean up the area you’ve erased over.