Turn-by-turn navigation Elite

Follow a route with turn-by-turn audio guidance

Get live turn-by-turn navigation with Footpath Elite. Once you’ve planned your route and verified that everything looks correct in the cue sheet, you can start the route with turn-by-turn audio navigation.

Starting navigation

Open the cue sheet:

  • Open the saved route
  • Tap the “Cue Sheet” tab at the bottom

Starting navigation:

  • Tap “Start Navigation” at the bottom of the cue sheet to load the route in the navigator. If you have a connected Apple Watch, you can tap “Send to Watch” to send the route to your watch
  • Tap the green “Start” button to start the GPS recording and begin audio navigation

Footpath navigation is designed to save battery life. Footpath uses dark mode during navigation to consume less power on newer OLED screens. Regular tests show that Footpath can last all day with the screen on and showing the turn screen.

For more tips on extending the battery life of your device during navigation, see the Preserving Battery Life page.

Hiding navigation

You can tap the 🔽 arrow at the bottom of the navigation screen to hide navigation and show the regular Footpath route maps.

Here you can view the full topographic route maps, check the elevation profiles for any upcoming climbs, or even map out alternate routes. You can return to the navigation screen by tapping the black “recording” bar at the top.


Footpath will not automatically re-route you if you navigate off route. Because your route is completely custom, Footpath doesn’t know if you’re trying to avoid a detour, take a shortcut further along the route, skip to the end of the route, or head back to the start.

When you navigate off route, Footpath will give you an audio alert (such as “You’ve gone off route. The route is 100 feet to your right”) and show a compass arrow pointing you back towards the route.

iOS only: If you have an internet connection, a reroute button will appear below the compass, and tapping it will try to load a route directly to the end of the route.

Manually updating the route

You can manually change the current navigation route at any time, in case you change your plans or need to detour.

You can tap the 🔽 arrow at the bottom of the navigation screen to hide navigation, then open a new saved route or the route editor.

If you map out a new route in the route editor, you can quickly open a new cue sheet by tapping the distance button at the top

From the cue sheet, just tap the blue “Update Navigation” button at the bottom to load the new route into the navigator, and the audio guidance will automatically update.

Audio tips and tricks

You can use the playback controls on your headphone or double tap the navigation screen to force Footpath to play an audio cue on demand.

Just press the play/pause button on your headphones if you’re not sure what to do, and Footpath will tell you where to turn.

You can use this if you’re listening to music and you missed the last cue. When you pause your music, Footpath will play the turn instructions without the audio playing so you can hear the instructions more clearly.

Or, if you generally don’t need audio instructions, you can just use the mute button at the top of the screen to turn off audio instructions. Then when you’re out on your route, just double tap the navigation screen or use the playback controls on your headphones and Footpath will tell you where to turn, at your request.

Footpath can navigate 100% offline. Just be sure to let the cue sheet load before you lose service, and Footpath will save the cues for offline.

Even better, download offline maps for the route, and you’ll be able to reference the maps while offline as well.

Footpath can provide turn-by-turn audio navigation on Apple Watch as well, and once you send a route to your watch, it will work without a connection to your phone, 100% offline.

Learn more about how to use route navigation on Apple Watch.

Android Wear and other watch platforms are not supported at this time.

Ending navigation

Footpath won’t automatically end navigation and your GPS recording, in case you’re competing in a race or want to continue recording GPS beyond your destination.

To end the recording, simply tap the gray “Pause” button in the lower left, and then press the red “Stop” button.

You’ll then be prompted to save or discard your GPS recording. iOS only: you can optionally save your workout data to Apple Health.

Once you’ve saved the GPS track, you’ll see a map, summary, and analysis of your track.