Adding and using waypoints

How to add waypoint markers along your route

Use waypoints to make note of special locations along your route. Waypoints are unique to the route that they are saved with and are indicated by a teal circle with a white icon in the center.

Adding waypoint markers

You can add waypoints by tapping the screen and selecting the Waypoint icon. Once you have created your route and waypoints, be sure to save your route. Waypoints are unique to the route they are saved with and will be cleared from the screen when you create a new route or open another saved route.

To create a waypoint anywhere on the map:

  1. Single-tap the map to pull up the menu.
  2. Select the waypoint icon.
  3. Name your waypoint in the Title bar (Footpath will automatically detect and assign your waypoint an icon).
  4. Add any notes you want.
  5. Press Add Waypoint.

To create a waypoint along a route:

  1. Begin drawing a route.
  2. As you add to your route, you can create waypoint by selecting the Waypoint icon from the pop-up menu.

Keep in mind, your waypoints are associated with a saved route and will be cleared from your map view when you create a new route. Reopening your saved route will also bring back its corresponding waypoints.

Sharing routes with waypoints

When you share a route with waypoints attached to it, your waypoints will be visible along with your route. If the shared route is opened in a web browser, your waypoints will also be visible on the browser.

Tips and tricks

Sharing a single waypoint: If you want to open a waypoint in another app or share the location with a friend, you can copy its coordinates by opening the waypoint and tapping on the “Coordinates” bar.

Elite Keeping a waypoint on your map permanently: If you want your waypoint to remain on your map regardless of what route or map type you are looking at, you can turn it into a Favorite by selecting “Save to Favorites” in the waypoint screen. Favorites are searchable in the Footpath search bar and are private to you. Favorites are not shared when you share a route with someone.