Exporting to COROS GPS watches Elite

How to export routes to COROS GPS watches

Footpath can export a GPX route to any COROS device that supports courses/navigation.

This includes:

  • Coros Vertix
  • Coros Apex

Not supported:

  • Coros Pace 2

Export the route to the COROS app

From Footpath:

  1. Tap the “Share” button in the upper right
  2. Select “Export…”
  3. Select “GPX Route”
  4. iOS: Find the “Copy to COROS” icon in the list of apps. You may need to swipe to the right and tap “More”
  5. Android: Select “Open with…” and select COROS.
  6. The COROS app will load your route. Use the “Save” button in the upper right to save the route to COROS.

Sending a route to your COROS device

To access your route library in the COROS app:

  1. Select the Profile tab at the bottom
  2. Select “My Route”
  3. Select a route

To import the route to your COROS watch:

  1. Select the “Watch” tab
  2. Select “Route”
  3. Tap the “Import from Library” button
  4. Select the routes you want to send to your watch

COROS devices can only store 10 routes on device at a given time, so to remove a route from your device:

  1. Select the “Watch” tab
  2. Select “Route”
  3. Swipe left to delete a route from your watch