Slope angle overlay Elite

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Slope Angle Shading

The slope angle overlay is is available to Footpath Elite users and can be overlayed over any map style.

This overlay analyzes the underlying terrain, and color codes steep slopes.

This is particularly useful when traversing steep terrain, as it can indicate challenging terrain or be used for determining potential avalanche danger.

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Slope Angle Notes
< 27° (No shading). Avalanches are less likely to start at these slope angles. Most intermediate ski runs at a ski resort are less than 22° (40% gradient).
27-29° Slab avalanches possible. A black run at a ski resort.
30-31° Slab avalanches possible. A steeper black run at a ski resort.
32-34° Slab avalanches possible. Double black diamond at a ski resort.
35-45° Slab avalanches are most common at this angle. These are usually steepest double black diamonds you can find at a ski resort.
46-50° Slab avalanches are less common above these angles. Self arrest with an ice axe no longer effective.
51-59° The notorious Corbet’s Couloir at Jackson Hole Ski Resort is 53°. PD+ alpine climbing.
> 60° WI2+ ice climbing / 5th class rock climbing.